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I do have two more things to say to you, then I am done.

I would think that an intelligent young girl like you would realize that when you post a message using all caps---it's considered YELLING. That's not polite, and that's why you've received the response that you have.

And, the other thing.

When I posted my message yesterday--I wrote it as to how lucky you are to be on a ship, and about enjoying the passengers. What I failed to do was also remind you about the crew.

When we step on board the Triumph on March 20th, we enter a new and very exciting world. One of which represents many nations. The crew.

These people welcome us onto their home, and serve us with hospitality, graciousness and kindness.

When you have a crew member give you a glass of water, or hand you a towel, or even just say hello, PLEASE, try to overlook your distaste for being on board a ship--and say, in the nicest tone you have. Thank you! Don't be afraid to ask them about their families...and learn about their cultures; they'll be more than happy to share their stories with you.

And, if they don't immediately say hello, or seem like they're not having a good day--it's alright to make the first move and say hello and smile at them. You will be rewarded in so many ways for just that little bit of effort.

So, instead of looking down and inspecting the ship for stains on the carpet---look up at the bright, smiling faces that are there to greet you. You never know what you might learn.

OK? Nuff said.

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