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I didn't know that all caps meant yelling so I guess you learn something new every day. I have been on two carnival cruises so far the Victory and the Triumph and will be cruising on the Destiny in 3 days I can't wait. I've never had a bad experience on any of the carnival ship. I have read all the negative reviews don't let it taint you trip make your own judgements. I never noticed a stained carpet but it's most likely because I could careless I was there just to have fun and enjoy the warm weather. Besides I think it's best to remember it's not the crew who is making the mess it is generally a few immature and inconsiderate guests that make a mess for everyone else.

I hope you have a wonderful time

Ps. People are very loyal to the companies that they cruise with and will get frustrated when they think someone doesn't ask the right question. Take the positve leave the negative and enjoy.
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