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Donna K
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Default Re: Celebrity Constellation

We will see you on the cruise!! We leave from Milwaukee and arrive in San Juan at 4:30. I like getting on the ship as soon as we can but as long I can get there I'll be happy.
We have sailed RC, Princess & Carnival. We prefer RC & Princess for the type of entertainment. We have found the food to be about the same except for the Appetizers on RC in the afternoon. Johnny Rockets on the Voyager line of RC is fun and found the food there to be really good. Made to order so it wasn't sitting around long.
The Connie will be a small ship compared to the last that we have sailed on and our first time with Celebrity.
We also have been hooked on cruises since #1. We have never had a bad time, just enjoyed some more than others. We Have sailed to the Southern Carribbean 3 times and like what the islands have to offer. The beaches, catamarines and 4X4's are the tye of tours we enjoy. You'll love it.
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