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Hello All,
How are you all? Did you all have a good Weekend? Febuary the 1st today was the day that the "Flight Center" had there anual Travel Expo. Today in sydney was a magnificant day clear blue skys not too hot not too col just right. But the clouds where dark over the travel expo. The expo its self was great lots of specials and lots of give aways but the storm clouds where difinitatley over the Cruising sector of the Expo!

There where only 4 cruise liners represented at this expo, which I fund pritty poor. The cruie liners that where represented where P&O Australia, Star Cruises, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity. This is not a good thing for the Cruise Industry if these multi-million dollar empires want to attract a new bread of cruises the marketing team better do there reasearch on how to promote there liners.

I was shocked not to see even Cunard or a Carnival representive! even though Princess Cruises where there under the banner of P&O Australia (only a few little hand outs avaible) Princess Cruises would be perfectley capiable to produce there own stall and sell where they are able to go!

Besides the big let down in the Expo i had a good day!

See Ya Cruisemates


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