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Default Coming Up.. a reasonable solution to the smokers/non smokers

A tidbit of new from our Carnival Spirit cruise... in regard to smoking and non smoking. The article I wrote about this should be appearing on our home page in the next few days, but in the mean time......

It seems Carnival is attempting to come up with a reasonable solution to the smokers vs non smokers aruguement.

They are experimenting now (as they were on the Spirit) with having many of their lounges onboard, and most public areas, except for cabins and outside decks, designated TOTALLY non smoking, and other lounges with continued areas designated for both.

Now I'm sure the PC zealouts will complain that everywhere should be non smoking, but to me it seems someone is finally trying to come up with a reasonable solution.

Especially interesting since Carnival had recently announced they were abandoning their non smoking policy on the Paradise.

Perhaps some local governments should consider a similarily reasonable approach to the problem when dealing with an otherwise still legal activity.

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