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Default Re: Coming Up.. a reasonable solution to the smokers/non smo

Everyone will die eventually, so not much of a discussion there.

Kids certainly shouldn't be in lounges anyway, so not much of a discussion there.

Though smoking is undoubtedly bad for one's health, it's still a legal activity, and if the gov'ts weren't addicted to the tax revenue the industry generates they'd have the gumption to make it totally illegal.

Carnival tried a non smoking ship. Unfortunately the non smokers didn't support them enough with their vacation dollars to keep the ship profitable. Should they have kept the ship as a loosing venture, as non smokers called for while cruising elsewhere?

Folks can run on about banning the activity..... rather than be willing to compromise to find a reasonable solution. Doesn't seem to be too much of a stretch to see people like that blowing people up, or going to war, because someone doesn't know it's their way or no way.

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