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Default Re: Coming Up.. a reasonable solution to the smokers/non smo

Kuki, Have you heard about possibly CCL having some 100% designated non smoking cabins? What do you think of this concept? Perhaps those people booking these cabins could sign a contract similar to the contract we sign for Paradise. This way there is some sort of accountibility. Otherwise, IF the cabins are merely designated non-smoking, folks will smoke in them. I might be able to dodge around the first hand smoke, residual smoke and smoke odor elsewhere, but, my biggest concern is where do I sleep for the 7 + days I am cruising? Certainly I would think that each ship with hundreds of cabins could have, oh, and I am guessing 50 or so 100% smoke free cabins. And possibly even, some 100% smoke free Balcony cabins?? How do you suggest I sent this idea to the top? This is my compromise Kuki, and if you don't already know, I am very vocal on Non-smoking issues. What do you think, fair or not? Sue Sue PS: Thanks for the update, at least there sounds like there is possibly some good news. I hope it isn't a tease......
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