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Default Re: Coming Up.. a reasonable solution to the smokers/non smo

Smoker vs non-smokers is a subj you can beat to death. My wife and I are x smokers and usually request non-smoking sections, although to me I don't care. But no matter what the rules are for smoking there will be someone who will break the rules. If you say no smoking in a particular bar there will be someone who will ignore it, and will get indignant when you point this out. Case in point we stayed at the Riverside Hilton prior to sailing on the Conquest and booked a non smoking room and a sign on the door indicated no smoking and as soon as the door was opened it smelled of fresh cig smoke, even the bell boy made a comment and called to the main desk, they changed our room but the idea of someone booking a nonsmoking room and then choose to ignore it. Most of the time smokers will follow the rules but there are the ones who say kiss off and light up. If I smell smoke when I enter a no smoking area you better be on fire.
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