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Default Re: If you build it...they will come !

Hmm, I never tire of riding through St. Mary's of the Lake Seminary in Mundelein, does not quite look like it did in its hey day but I still love looking at the old buildings, very old stone bridges, and wonder what it must have been to build all of it in those days.

Alot of people I know have lived right near by for years and never taken the time to drive through the grounds, which covers a big area.

Also, will look in my post card collection (thousands) to see what I have of Miami, and if I have any old hotels. I have some old views because I told everyone at VW if they didn't want cards to give them to me. I was amazed at what people gave me!

I have some great ones of Hawaii before the hotel craze, with the old Royal Hawaiin hotel and nothing else around it!

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