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Default Winter Wish

Hi, this is a new verse I just concocted. I'm not sure I relly like it, but it does fit the season.

Winter Wish

When I hear the whistling winter wind,
My soul sets sail upon the Southern Seas,
To sense again the surging ocean tides
And feel once more the balmy, tropic breeze.

No cold, no snow shall keep me from my goal,
For I must seek the ship that my heart craves
With decks that glow in morning's golden sun.
A ship that glides so smoothly through the waves.

When dreary days make minutes seem too long,
And pleasant times are but a feeble wish,
I know that ship will find a shining shore
With crystal surf and darting rainbow fish.

There are so many pleasures that this earth provides
And memories that man must hold as dear,
But none surpass my days upon the waves,
When someone that I love is very near.

Paul B
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