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Default Brilliance quick review

Here is a quick review of the Brilliance of the Seas as seen in my eyes and tasted by my tongue.

Embarkation: very smooth and quick.

The ship: clean, spacious, not over the top in the way of decoration, easy to move about in and lots of different spaces in which to participate in different activities.

The food: There is a wide variety to choose from and many different restaraunts to eat in. If you don't like the food then you chose poorly. The onion rings in the Seaview restaraunt were the best, therefore after about 8 days none were to be found aboard the ship. {{bummer}}

The entertainment; very good, although we did not go to all of the evening shows the one that sticks out in my mind was Mario D'Andrea, outstanding and funny.

The bars and lounges; I lost count and am sure that I missed a few. The Schooner bar was Robin's and my favorite.

The Ports; all have their own merits though St. Maartin (the Dutch side) is still rebuilding after the last hurricane that hit. Labadee was substituted by Coco Cay which was substituted (after the decision by the captain desision that the water was to choppy to tender) by Nassau, the Bahamas, was a choice Robin and I didn't mind. Another stop in which to get a charm for her bracelet and have a drink at the Cheeky Monkee (which was no more, bought out and renamed The News Cafe).

Debarkation; Long but comfortable, decks 8 through 10 sat in the Schooner bar and the Colony Club. Ashtrays were at a premium and shared by all who smoked. Yours included.

This week I will gather notes and consult with Robin to fill in all of the fuzzy details. Those are the ones that she will recollect after the bourbon on the rocks kicked in. {{grin}} By next weekend I should have enough info compiled to write a formal review, unlike my first cruise where I failed to do so.

I took 9 rolls of film on this adventure, so, I am sure that the investment in a digital camera is in order so that I can have a few memory cards to ensure that I don't spend a lot of money on film processing.

It also appears that you people have learned a new signature trick while we have been gone. Robin and I will have to learn about this. {{grin}}

Seahunks, please e-mail me as I picked up a copy of a map for you, if your interested and don't already have it.

Costa Atlantica, 3/23/03
Brilliance, 2/16/04
Brilliance, 2/14/05
Brilliance, 2/13/06
Brilliance, 2/12/07
Explorer, 2/3/08
Jewel, 2/9/09
Jewel, 2/1/10, RCI cancelled our cruise, (insert sound of sobbing)

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