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Default Re: Lobby for West Coast Cruisemates sailings

I'm voting for West Coast right now, too!!! However, not one of those short ones! I refuse to do a 3 or 4 day cruise, and really don't like the seven days!

Kuki is right about the CM cruises! I did the Get Lei'd cruise simply to meet people from the boards! Once I did that in May, I did another in Nov. and last March. Can't beat those, they are great!

I'd been to Hawaii several times so I definitely was along just for the people, which was a good thing because I didn't care for the ship that much!

My vote is for the Saphire Princess 10 day out of San Francisco, with a great itinerary, including San Diego, Catalina, Mazatlan, Cabo and Puerto Vallarta!!! :-)

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