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Default Re: Lobby for West Coast Cruisemates sailings

I agree 100% with Harry!! I know there are options but would prefer not to fly (no fear of flying, just don't want to pay the additional cost if I have other options). Since we were "just" on the Pride Cruisemates' cruise, I'm obligated to wait (no $$ and no vacation time)

Kuki, we VERY much appreciate what you're doing on getting cruises booked in the distant future. It was just disappointing to see that there were no future plans for the West coast in your list.

We'd be most interested in the Columbia riverboat type cruise or anything to Alaska. The R/T Princess cruise out of San Francisco to Alaska is great and we'd do that again in a heart-beat. The Panamaniac cruise would have been perfect, but the timing was bad for us. Maybe you could schedule another one of those in the future-like next March or? Anything that ends up on the West Coast would be super.

R/T Hawaii is wonderful (as shown by the participation in your Get Lei'd cruises).

Again- thanks for your hard work !

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