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Default Cruise vs All-Inclusive?

From someone who has been on nine cruises, several tropical resort hotel stays but never an all-inclusive, I'm curious to compare.

For those of you who have experienced both the all-inclusive resort and a cruise, what do you see as the benefits and drawbacks of both?

I enter into "the cruise discussion" with friends and relatives who have been to all-inclusives, and quite frankly, they rave about the experience, even going so far as to say "there is no way a cruise could compare". One major negative point for cruising is the booze factor, and since I don't drink much, this point is moot for me, but important to them. I also hear that the availability of drinks can be restricted at a resort, as well as say, admission to entertainment, etc. And a cruise sounds like a way more intimate and friendly experience. So much to compare.....

I guess I have to try an all-inclusive, just to say I did.


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