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Default Re: Re: Cruise vs All-Inclusive?

I've taken many cruises but never an all inclusive stay at a resort. I don't think I would like the land vacation, because there wouldn't be enough variety and things to do to keep me from getting bored. As far as price goes; two years ago, my hubby and I took my daughter and her 3 girls to Orlando for a weeks' vacation. Although we had a terrific time; I added up what I paid for air fare, tickets to Orlando, meals for 6 people, 3 times a day for a week, the cost of a rental van; and then we stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel, which was kind of pricey. I told my daughter, we could have had a very nice cruise for a week for what that trip cost me. I figured I spent $10,000 for one week. I think we could have gone cruising for two weeks for that price. I think cruising is the best value around.....that's why I have two cruises booked this year and no land vacations.
Happy Cruising.....Anita
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