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Yep! Chris and I both did, while anchored in Grand Cayman. I had posted the question on here whether it might be playing aboard a few days before leaving, but no-one answered. When it was listed in the Capers, we said we'd watch it. So we used the occasion to order room service for the first time. A beer and a BLT goes awful nice with chasing, or evading, the Archeron. We enjoyed the movie.

Remember that scene when he bumped his head on the gun deck? I did that same thing when I toured the Golden Hinde several years ago. You wouldn't believe how low the ceilings were aboard those ships. The term "powder monkey" comes from the use of boys on those decks to carry barrels of powder to the various gun positions. They were the only crew members short enough to avoid bumping their heads while moving rapidly. The casks of powder were so heavy, they carried tem hunched over, so that their arms appeared as elongated as those on monkeys.

Given how the movie ended, I suspect a sequel is planned. And I will certainly at some point see it. But I haven't yet read enough O' Brian to guess what the title might be. I wonder if he might have considered himself a literary rival of C.S Forester (Horatio Hornblower Series). I read far more of the latter author. And I think Aubrey is a little more lighthearted than Hornblower. Between the both, I'd hate to have to choose the "lesser of two weevils."

BTW, you were mentioned during the Tampa lunch. You are well thought of, by those who have met you.

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