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Default Re: OT: American Idol

I don't think it's the red hair...I think that he's a sweet kid. He's amazingly mature for his age and has taken everything thrown at him withput breaking down.

John would make a good crooner, like Harry Connick Jr. But, I really don't think anybody is doing him a favor by voting him through week after week, just cause they think he's cute. The popstar business will eat someone like him alive and spit him back out. And there won't be a thing he could do about it because he will be contractually obligated. Does anybody really think that if he did win AI that his record will sell? I don't think so...and it would be sad for a nice kid like him to be saddled with that kind of failure.

Yes, Clay had redhair...but he has talent also...widespread talent that appeals to many and he is an amazing performer. John needs to lie low and then in several years make an album of standards.

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