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Default Re: A Marine's final trip....a must read artical

what a touching and heart warming story. In this time when we wonder if there is any morals and dignity left, we hear stories like this. I have quite a memory in my heart of our local firefighters (which my husband is one) when two area firefighters were killed in the line of duty saving a woman from her burning home. Our guys really made us proud. From the time in the hospital when these two breathed their last, until they laid them at the cemetary, they had a dress-uniformed firefighter stand at attention guarding their bodies. 24 hours round the clock and even when they went to Omaha 150 miles away, for autopsies, Omaha firefighters then took over guard. When the bodies left our local hospital, they were taken by ambulance to Omaha by their comrades, and the emergency room driveway was lined with all of our on-duty fireman that day and saluted as the ambulance took off. When they returned to our town to the funeral home, our on-duty guys where there at the funeral home, waiting to salute them again. I had never experienced that before and it brings tears again thinking about it. At the funeral, the minister mentioned what had all happened behind the scenes that not all of the public was aware of and she mentioned that fireman have a saying, "So nobody gets left behind" I asked my husband about this and he said that there will always be a firefighter stay behind at fires or accidents where a fireman is trapped or not leaving to go back to his home, station, hospital, or funeral home whatever the case may be. We all saw that at the world trade center, There was at least one or more firefighters at all times until the searching was ended.

I hope everyone has a great day.


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