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Default Another Question: Where do the "attractive" people

Starting with myself, and moving upwards from there, I have to ask the question..... Why are cruisers butt ugly? You know what I'm talking about.... I'm just saying aloud what everybody else is thinking. Peruse the photo galleries, view the profiles.... I rest my case. I know beauty is in the eye of the beerholder, and beauty is only skin deep, but where are all the models and "silver foxes" that bedazzle the cruise brochures? Where are the celebrities and beauty contest participants? Why don't they cruise when I cruise? It makes me want to ask for my money back, I feel so cheated. I mean, I'm paying good money, and is it too much to ask to be surrounded by attractive people? Is there an "agent" on the gangway stopping people? "Sorry ma'am, but you belong on the good-looking ship". "Sir, you are under the weight guideline for this sailing, sorry". Are cruise discount vouchers being covertly distributed at Jenny Craig? Do trailer parks empty out during cruise season? I know where they got me, I just wanna know why so many cruisers look EXACTLY like me, and what the cruise lines are going to DO about it.


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