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Default Re: Re: Another Question: Where do the "attractive"

Looks like someone else needs the dictionary as well.
All those beautiful people are stored in a warehouse in Manhattan. They are allowed out to shoot commercials, movies, and print ads. They are also allowed out to attend parties thrown by Lizzy Grubman in West Hampton. The women are allowed to be photographed with Justin Timberlake and the men are allowed out to accompany thr Hilton sisters (and appear in their videos). They are then placed back in storage.
These people are not real. You don't see them at work, shopping in a store, riding a train or sitting in church. You didn't go to highschool or college with any people from the beautiful people warehouse did you? No! That's because they only exist on film, in magazines and on TV and movies. Then they go back to the warehouse. Ever gone to Sandals, or Grand Lido? No bevvy of bikini beach bunnies and ab ripped hunks, just
average folks with beer bellies and love handles.
Another theory, There are no real beautiful people, they are all simply digital effects .

While looking up "satire" , also check around on the ground, some of us have apparently dropped our sense of humor and need to look around and pick it up.
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