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Default Re: Another Question: Where do the "attractive" people vacat

Belgique said:
"CC: I think you got deleted on the other board. Someone didn't get the satire angle."

I know. That's why I posted it, as an experiment.... to see how long it would last in a stifled environment. I am actually quite amazed it stayed up as long as it did over there, considering how obtuse addicts can be! And imagine the utter genius of figgerin' out it was the Cynic doing the posting. No s**t Sherlock. Two pats on the back for you, and a doggie treat. Maybe "Sherlock" reads CruiseMates when he gets bored... here I used my real nick.

Now you know why I like CruiseMates so much. Intelligent people. Intelligent Admin.

I am quite content being called "butt ugly" to my face (just remember to duck). And those I associate with, to the last one, are also officially butt ugly, even clock-stopping ugly. Watch out. We're taking over.

The only exception is my 16 month old.... she's officially a "Princess For Life".

If you don't agree, you answer to the Duke brothers. "Lefty" and "Righty". And my legal team: Smith and Wesson.

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