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Default Seizure Update

Yesterday, I visited hell. I spent 12 hours in an ICU watching helplessly as my loving husband went through seizures that only became worse as the day went on, from the first one witnessed by a group of neurosurgeons to several that included the whole body. If you have never seen one of these awful fits, then you cannot imagine what it's like when this nightmarish thing happens to someone you love. The more the fits continued, the less alert and communicative Keith became. When his son and I left about midnight, he was unconscious from the drugs.

Today, I prayed at the chapel at the hospital and talked with the chaplain for a few minutes when he offered up a prayer as well. I found Keith still zonked out and having occasional seizures. The ICU nurse got authorization to give more medication, and it seemed to scotch the second fit that I saw. Hr's now on two or three medications.

Keith is "in there," though. He was able to say "uh huh, uh huh" when I held his hand and told him I was with him. I got a response from him later in the day, too. The ICU nurse got him to grip his hand, and so did I. Though it took more effort on the left side, when he finally squeezed, it was good and firm.

Please, please, keep praying for Keith.

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