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Default Keith's Seizure Problems

Wednesday, Keith was quite agitated and had more seizures. My son-in-law and I were in the ICU when his team of doctors were there, so we got to ask questions. The biggest problem, as stated, was that they have not controled or stopped the seizures. The plan is to treat them more aggressively. Consequently, he is now on three anti-seizure medications. They also put a ventilator on him to protect the airway; otherwise, he could aspirate and get pneumonia added to his problems. They have identified that the seizures are coming from is forehead where the incision is. The cause is that the brain is irritated from the surgery. Why Keith is taking so long to recover, only God knows, and believe me, I ask!

I visited Keith twice today. The nurse said he had a couple of minor fits during the night. But today, he was much more quiet. He's heavily sedated, but he's still "in there," and that is, indeed, a gift. Tears ran from his eyes when I told him I loved him, and from my eyes, too. He opens his eyes occasionally, and he can squeeze my hand. The ICU nurse awakens him periodically and asks him for a thumbs up. He does respond. He knows where he is, and he knows why he's there. These, too, are gifts to thank God for.

I didn't see any of the doctors today. Friday, my son-in-law will be at the hospital again. My heart-felt thank you to everyone who has included us in their prayers. We still need them very much.

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