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Default trixey "crashcup" update

Well we had a good flight back. We were able to sit first class which gave us leg room. The plane had 20 people on it. NWA was very helpfull in the airport as well with getting us to the gates. There was alot of confussion at the airport and the airlines pointed the finger at RCL. Our bags arrived at the airport 11/2 hours before we did. We found them outside on the sidewalk. We ended up taking a cab. They wheeled us down to get on the bus and forgot about us and three other handicap people. They sent us in a cab after I asked them what Hotel did they have me scheduled to stay in for the night. They got the picture.
The weather made it very rough at times. We had to go North of Greenbay to avoid storms. We landed in Cleveland at 10:30 pm. Made it home by 2am.

Well I took Karen to the Hospital Monday. They took xrays again. Left the cast on and refered her to a specialist. She went Wed. and the news was not all that good. He says she has a herniated disc which has maybe pinched the nerve causing the foot not to move upward. This may be temporary or permanent, too early to tell yet.
Thursday she was back at the hospital for a ultrasound on the leg. She has a blood clot. They are giving her thinners for the next 6 weeks.
She had her MRI Friday and the results have not been told to us yet. I would guess Monday they will let us know about the disc or any other thing the MRI might show.
However the break in the ankle is no longer a concern. They removed the cast from the ankle and said it was not going to move around because of where it is.
The swelling has gone down now today. She has movement in the knee and she can raise the leg up when laying. So that part is an improvement.

It sure is amazing how fast something can happen. But the worst feeling is being away from home when something happens. So many decisions to make with little time to make them. You see things happen to others and never think it wil be you.

Tomorrow looks like a good day to unpack luggage! Still have not done that. I was able to wash all the dirty clothes but thats it.
I brought back a sprouted coconut and it made the trip ok. It is now planted.

Thanks to everyone for your concerns. Been a hectic week and I have not been able to update or say thanks for the kind words. I'll update again next week.

Ray ( pipefit )
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