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Default 10 1/2 hour flight/ coping with the long flight

We will be flying from Los Angelus to London in September. I have spent many an hour on flights for business and absolutely hated the time in the air. Just to many flights to say this is a thrill. In my flight travel have racked up over 1 million miles in business travel. And yes have used FF miles for travel, it is just the 10 1/2 hours I'm not looking forward to on the long flight.

Any suggestions on a 10 1/2 hour flight to pass the the time and be in comfort? I'm not looking forward to the air time and need suggestions on anything you have to offer. I'm not a reader, can take cat naps until the back and neck hurt. Walk the aisle for exercise. We have decided to take the cruise air package because of the open jaw flights. This is much cheaper than I can find on line.

Talk to the flight attendants but more than likely they will be sleeping as well as the pilots .. ROFL.
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