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Default Re: 10 1/2 hour flight/ coping with the long flight

First, for jet lag, may I suggest "No Jet Lag."

It's entirely herbal and it really works for me. I'm not sure how it works, but it works. You can get it through Magellan's Travel Supplies.

As to how to pass the time...

~ Do you have a laptop? You could play games on it, listen to music, or watch DVDs.
~ My husband isn't a reader, either, but he will read magazines. The short articles are easier for him to concentrate on than a book.
~ 2 words - travel scrabble! Go to a toy store and find travel games; also check online.
~ Bring a deck of cards and play solitaire.
~ Play word games and Mad Libs with your travel companions.
~ A portable CD, cassette player, or MP3 player will also help pass the time.
~ Magellan's also has some travel games and things to help pass the time. From their main page, go to "accessories" and then "gifts and games."
~ Go to a major bookstore like a Barnes and Noble and look for the "Games" section. They'll usually have books full of crossword puzzles, etc.
~ Get a piece of string and practice some string figures.
~ Reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) by doing some in-flight exercises.
~ Before you go, go online and print out all the information you can find about the ports you will visit (but don't read it) and get a European guidebook (but don't read it). On the flight, bring a notepad and pen and spend some time planning what you want to see in each port, restaurants you want to visit, and how you will get there.

Just a few suggestions, hope these give you some ideas.

Michelle P.


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