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Default Re: Dinner Expectations

Years ago on the Zenith we had a table for 8. We got lucky. It was a group of 30 plus.
It was a nice mix. One man was absouletly a riot. He had all of us laughing. It is the only cruise that I honestly looked forward to dinner.

Once we had a table for four. The other young couple was from Germany and didn't speak english. After the first night, we paid and ate at the private dining room by ourselves. One year we were at a table for eight and this old couple complained about everything and sent everything back. It was embarrasing.

Our other tables were okay. Nothing exciting. Sometimes it is very hard to land a group where everyone clicks. This year we decided that it was worth the price to eat in the private dining room, everynight. We will show up at our assigned table to meet our tablemates, but if we are not comfortable, we'll go to the private dining room..

We are not rude, snobby or arrogant, but we deal with the public 12 hours a day, five days a week. We just want to chill. The man who made us laugh was great. Most other people want to solve the world's problems or ask a million questions. We hear people solving the world's problems and asking a million questions everyday.

Sorry, you asked. I hope you and I wind up with great tablemates to enhance our cruise.


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