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always been lucky with favorite table mates occured on a Royal Olympic cruise (Stella Maris) when my female friend and I were in our late 20's and had table mates who were in their 80's. they were very nice, but quiet all week untill the last formal night when they extended an invitation to join them with a bottle of wine..we knew from the first night that they were retired school teachers living in south africa, but what they shared with us was that they were teenagers in germany during the rise of Hitler and he was jewish and she was catholic and they were in love and had to leave the country to get married. I'm a big history channel buff so of course I was fascinated about being a "mixed couple" during that time period. we then questioned them about aparthied in south africa (before the change) and at that time nelson mandela was still in prision (my friend and i are african american) and received a history lesson from a perspective i would not have been exposed to otherwise. the dining staff allowed us to stay until almost midnight and it was the greatest evening of sharing conversation i have ever had. i have been cruising since the mid 70's and every cruise exposes me to fascinating people
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