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Default Re: Dinner Expectations

On our first cruise with husband and 2 teens we had a table for 4.

Second cruise with niece we were seated at a table for 8. First night, no show.
Second night, formal night. No show again, until we were served our dessert. Then "the family" showed up. Eight of them. They had picked up so new friends or something in the first two days. The "overbearing mother" of the family told our head waiter who immedietely came to the table (not to happy by the way as it was early seating and they would soon have to prep for the next guests that would be coming).
The "mother" demanded that they needed all 8 seats - not caring that my niece and I were still eating, and they were over an hour late. The head waiter told her that it was impossible, he said the original six could sit there and he would try and get them fed before he would need the table for the next seating, and the other two could sit at the next table as that was their origanal seating. The boss lady kept saying ,no that they wanted this table. My niece and I were thoroughly embarassed, especially since we were near the front ot the dining room and many heads were beginning to turn.
My niece and I looked at each other and got up to leave. We really liked our head waiter and hated to see this person belittling him. Anyway, the dinner was spoiled at this point and there was no way I could enjoy my tea and the last of my dessert.

As we were leaving our assistant waiters (and a couple from nearby tables, all of whom had felt sorry for us sitting alone at the table for 8 for two nights had all been very friendly, checking on us, visiting) approached us and asked why we were leaving, I said we were done. They said, no you were not. I said it is truly okay, we felt uncomfortable with the scene that was being created. They were very sad to see us being treated this way. The Maitre'd came over as well and said he wished we wouldn't teave. He tried to bend over backward to accomodate us.
The next night we were moved to the next table, where the two extra people who wanted our table were supposed to sit. The table mates were ok., but it was not pleasant sitting so close to the brassy people at the next table. The waiters from that whole area, the head waiter and the Maitre'D were all very attentive to us for the next two nights, making sure that we were well taken care of. Needless to say, I did a lot of tipping the last night in the dining room - as so many had tried to make an unpleasant situation bearable.

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