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Default Most Infamous Person You Ever Met

Ray's "Older then Dirt" thread made me laugh and remember great things about my childhood..It cause me to think of another aspect of my youth and wonder how many others have had the same encounter...who is the most "infamous" person you have ever encounter (be it on a cruise or not)

I'll the summer of 1969 I was a hormone driven 17 year old who was frustrated because my parents would not let me have a driver's license, less alone a car and all my running buddies had bucket seat cars that they took their girlfriends out on saturday night and made sure they blew their horns as they passed my house. I had one friend who "borrowed" his dad's car and we went out "cruising". I grew up in upstate New York in Dutchess County and that summer went to Woodstock (another great story). Well, as luck would have it, on our way to the "big" city we passed this beautiful girl on a bike which turned out to be the actress Jennifer O'Neil (summer of 42)..we were so busy looking at her, we failed to see the sheriff's road block which my friend tried to by pass (because his license had the restriction he could not drive after sundown unless there was a parent in the car)..we quickly noticed that the road block only pulled aside young people with long hair and then we noticed that Dr Timothy Leary (of LSD fame) was walking up and down telling everyone that the assistant district attorney of Dutchess County (G. Gordon Liddy) was conducting an illegal search. They let us go, but the next day in the paper the headlines screamed "drug bust" and it listed everyone's name that had been stopped for a traffic violation. Needless to say, I had alot of explaining to do to my parents. fyi Jennifer O'Neal was staying at Dr Leary's estate. When Watergate came about I had to laugh when I saw G. Gordon Liddy
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