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Default Re: Most Infamous Person You Ever Met

When my wife lived in the Bay Area she became friends with her next door neighbor. He was a boy a couple of years younger than her, (16) who had broken his back in a motorcycle accident and was a paraplegic. She used to talk to him and give him a ride when he needed to get someplace. His older brother greatly appreciated it. He helped her get baby sitting jobs for her with his friends and also took her to a few parties.

It turned out that the brother was a right hand man of Sonny Barger of the Hell's Angels. Barger was a very "infamous" guy. He founded the Hell's Angels motorcycle gang.

Betty was new to the United States and really had no idea who these people were other than people who rode motorcycles, were a bit wild and liked to have parties. She met Sonny on a couple of occasions. No one ever tried anything funny with her nor did they try to get her to take drugs or anything else. She later learned that her friend had told everyone if they did they were dead. :-)

She never hung around them once she got her first "real" job but about a year later she got busted for "soliciting" and was thrown in jail. Her father wouldn't come and bail her out so she called her Hell's Angels friend who was able to bail her out and also pleaded her case to the judge. She ended up paying a $50 fine and a suspended sentence. BTW: It was "Soliciting magazines without a license."

And you all think Betty is so innocent. <VBG>

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