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Default Re: Most Infamous Person You Ever Met

Having grown up in Las Vegas, meeting famous/infamous people was normal.
We were backstage playing with the (then called) Jackson 5, anytime they were in town for a show. We got free tickets and backstage passes. Janet was just a little girl in pigtails and Michael was still black. They were quiet kids but really great. Latoya was so beautiful, and all those brothers were cute! They were part of my life for a while.

We met many stars during our stay there. Hal Linden, from "Barney Miller", just as good looking in person!

I know people that became govenors, 4 Star Generals, etc. I even know and visit yearly a former U.S. Ambassador and his wife.....very dear people. In fact, he was my dad's best man at his wedding!

I met Marti Allen and his wife on two different cruises. He is quite a talker!

It is at a point that meeting someone famous is just like meeting anyone else on the street. I don't get stupid, crazy or cry just because I meet some star. It just seems silly to me how some people over react to it. (picture the girls at an Elvis concert, crying, screaming and fainting..............GAG!) I have always thought those were MAJOR over reactions.

Anyway, I have met too many to list, and so far, they have all been very nice!!

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