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Default Re: Most Infamous Person You Ever Met

Infamous people I have met. Not the most important, but someone we were on a cruise with, was Victoria Gotti. Author and TV commentator, more famous for being the daughter of John Gotti, "the teflon Don".
On that subject , in a past life I worked in the food industry. Paul Castelano was the head of one of the major crime families in NY (and the guy John Gotti went to jail for "eliminating). His "front" (legitamate) business was wholesale meat delivery and he was a customer.
Those are my infamous , the following are some of the famous.
I spent a week on vacation in Maine at a resort where Chuck Yeager (the Right Stuff) sat at our table for meals everyday. He was then, and will always be, a real hero to me.
In my current business I get to meet or speak to many current and former professional athletes. Hank Aaron has been here as well as many others. I had an interesting conversation with Jim Taylor (Greenbay Packers running back). When I told him that as a kid he could often make me cry, his response was "Oh, I guess you were a Giant fan".
How true.
Any intelectuals out there? I went to school (Jr. High and Highschool) with Dava Sobel,
the author of Longitude and Galileo's Daughter. She was my brother's first girlfriend.
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