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Default Re: Most Infamous Person You Ever Met

Wow..great stories..keep them original definition of "infamous" was notorious, scandalous,outrageous,disreputable,dishonorable,di sgraceful etc., but everyone is having such a great time, and being very upbeat I'm all in favor of keeping the thread going with either famous or infamous

Just to show I'm an open minded person..I'll share 1 famous encounter and 1 most memorable enounter of a famous public person

My most famous encounter was I got the last first class seat on a flight from New York to Los Angeles and my seat mate was Halle Berry during the period that she was in the movie Jungle Fever (her first movie and just before she became really famous).Needless to say it was the greatest (and fastest) 5 hours I've ever had. the best part was my ex-wife was waiting for me in the LAX boarding area (I came to p/u our son) and Halle gave me a kiss on the cheek, which of course sent my ex wife into orbit and my then 5 year old son asking me was Halle my "new" friend

My most memorable enounter with a famous public person was I had the honor of meeting the late New York Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan about a year before he died. I had the opportunity to thank him for appointing my son to the United States Air Force Academy in 1994 and share with him my son's success in becoming an F-15 pilot.

So keep them coming famous/infamous doesn't matter...although I am partial to infamous
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