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Default Re: Most Infamous Person You Ever Met

My hotel has been used several times as a location for movie shoots. It's located on a cul-de-sac in the center of the city, with the "metropolitan" looking city skyline in the immediate background.

The best known of these is probably Superman 3 (if you rent the movie, you could see my "joint".<G>) At any rate, I spent a fair amount of time with Christopher Reeves during the 3 days they were shooting at my place.
Which, of course, made it even more devastating news when he had his riding accident.

And back in my college days I rented an upstairs suite in the home of the "president" of a motorcycle gang. There was always something "interesting" going on downstairs <G>, but they treated me like their square naive young friend.

Mike.. maybe that's why Betty and I get along so well. Our background with bikers.

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