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Default Re: Dream Cruise, Dream Tablemates for Captain's Night


Movies.......Lauren Bacall - would love to hear her reminisce about Bogey and the golden age of Hollywood.

World Leaders.........Kofi Anan (sp) - would ask him how the UN could turn a blind eye to all the corruption in it's various programs (like food for oil, etc.)

Business........Bill Gates - would ask him if he has any brothers who are just as successful as he is <vbg> - really would ask him if there were any way to improve windows as on OS (explained in plain english for me)!!

Sports..............Brett Favre - I'm a Packer fan through and through and would love to talk strategy with him.

Fallen from Grace...........Any of the CEO's of Worldcom, Enron or other giant calamities (if they are out of prison at the time) - asking how the heck they could sacrifice their workers and their livelihoods for the sake of their own pockets.

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