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Default Re: Dream Cruise, Dream Tablemates for Captain's Night

Very interesting question!

1. movies - Catherine Zeta-Jones
2. world leader - George W. Bush
3. business - Bob Dickinson (of Carnival cruise line)
4. sports - Derek Jeter
5. fallen from grace - Michael Jackson

I'd like to talk to Catherine Zeta-Jones because she's from Wales and I love that accent. I'd also like to ask her if she has any beauty tips for me, she's gorgeous!

I'd like to talk to GWB because he is not only (in MY opinion) a great leader, he seems like he'd be a fun guy to just hang out and have a beer with.

I'd invite Bob Dickinson so I could tell him what I think should be changed on Carnival.

Derek Jeter, of course, is there for me to drool over.

And I'd like to see Michael Jackson just because of the spectacle it would be. It would be like seeing some kind of alien or something.

Michelle P.


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