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hi everybody and thanks for the offer to help me. i am a total computer dummie ( as you can see hehehe ) and im trying to put in a gif and my countdown clock.

i have put the pictures in my documents from a site that is for avitars to download. which i did. under ' my pictures'. i use the right side of the mouse and choose copy on the picture i want. then i come here to my profile. then i go too edit profile. inside my signature i right click again and it does not let me paste.

i know it is because i dont have the right url or something. just a picture of a bottle floating on the water would be great. anything will do. a very kind person on the cruise additcts site did the one there for me. YES, I AM HOPELESS!!!

and i sail on the carnival spirit to glacier bay alaska on may 11, 2005.

it is out of my hands now since i cant do it and im giving up. i really am setting here laughing at myself because im sure it is very easy but the light hasnt come on yet for me as the saying goes . thanks again gang.

dusty -----have a great cruise
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