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Default Re: Ray is Considering World Cruise and Needs Our Advice

go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go
got the message, now book it and go!
my husband and i dream of doing a world cruise on the QE2, we keep saying if we win the lottery we would do it in a heartbeat. Go for it. Please. like VTjen says, you can't take it with you, it doesn't matter if it's your anniversary, remember it's YOUR anniversary. formal nights schormal nights, it's a round trip, all the baggage allowance you can manage! Last but not least wouldn't you love to visit those places again? i just mentioned it to my husband and he said Go, do it!
so from myself and i'm sure from my fellow cm's goodbye, get gone, do it and we want the pics when you get back.

What do you mean this isn't how they eat onboard?

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