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Default Re: Ray is Considering World Cruise and Needs Our Advice

Lame excuses are easy to answer:

1. We have been to most of the distinations that the Ship makes stops in. We have been to most up to 3 or 4 times. Only 2 would be new for us.

Then do the most off the wall thing you can think of at those ports - go a little wild - I am sure that at the ports, even having been there 4 times, you haven't seen/done everything there is to see/do.

2. Too many formals on the QE2.

I didn't know that it was mandatory to attend every formal

3. Embarkation is on January 3. That is our 63rd Anniversary and our absense would not set well with our family. They would be very unhappy.

If my parents decided to do this on/over their anniversary, my brothers and I would be pleased that they were. What a better way to enjoy 63 years together. We would even pitch in to help fray the costs. Your kids will understand and you are very wrong if you think different.

No more excuses. Just Do It!!!!!!

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