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Default Just a thought are going to see a serious side of the big guy now..
It's late and I just had some thoughts running through my mind..First if you can last through this then thank you and you are a brave person..>S<..I found this site some 4 or 5 months ago, it seems like longer, but time flies by when you are having fun. I dont think I have missed but 1 or maybe 2 days without coming here and reading or posting.
I have never even been to another site so I can't compare this one to any of the others.
I will just have to take your word for it as to what the others are like..I am not going anywhere else to find that narrow minded or whatever but I call it loyalty. I love it here..and so far I have met some of the most interesting(antlers cross my mind)and the most friendliest people you could ever meet in a Cyber world..I hope to meet all of you in the real world some day. I feel like I was made to be a part of the "family" the first day I posted. You just dont find that anywhere else..especially in the real world. I think one of the most important things I really like about this site, other than the most imformative places on cruises, is the strong religous faith that is displayed by everyone.
Everyone is so quick to offer prayers up for those in need..myself included..I would never tell someone that I will pray for them and just go on about my business..and I think the rest of you are the same..just look at the prayers that have been answered.
I am really pleased to be a part of this website and I am more pleased to call you people my friends and family, if only in a cyber way..but like I said, I hope that changes in the near future and we can meet eyeball to eyeball >G< If I have ever, in anyway offended anyone, then email me and I will offer you my personal apology. Sorry for the long thread, but I just wanted to let you know how I really feel..I know I cut up a lot but I am sincere with what I have said..IF I can make just ONE person laugh and it takes their mind off of their problems for one second, then I have had a great day.
Hope you all have a great Thursday and as I always say..please stay safe.
God Bless.
John(who's objective is to meet everyone on CM)

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