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Hey BigJohn, That was a touching letter!! I, too, would love to meet up with you and the rest of the CM gang one day!! Wouldn't it have been nice to go to the Florida brunch last weekend?? As I said on Chat, the boards here at CM may not be as busy as the "other", but people here are usually more 'real' especially here in the Chit-Chat thread.
I, too, have been laughing when I read a joke by someone; or the Fashion/Capris(hated fashion by "some";loved by others like me!!) thread was funny-one person was even nice enough to email me and ask if I wanted her to get me a pair ,mail them,and then reimburse her!! How nice is that??-to a total stranger(of course I did not ask her to, but the thought is what really counts!!)
When people get sick, I truly hope for them to get/feel better. And this is a good place to come and ask for advice/opinions on all sorts of topics besides cruising!
Thanks Big John for being a great CruiseMate member!! Sincerely, Brenda in Vancouver
(whoa-that was a long posting I typed!!)

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