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To all CM's;
I have been mostly visiting these boards for about three months now with very few posts but lots of lurking.. Due to time constraints I do not have much time to actually post messages. However that does not mean that I consider myself outside of this family or community as I am there daily reading and laughing as the more active members post. John's message struck a nerve with me. I am 56 years old and the world we live in today is one that I did not grow up in and I find it almost alien. I can remember an entire neighborhood looking after kids including discipline. Our world seems to be descending into chaos with barbarians fighting us for our very existence. Within the borders of the US we seem split down the middle on most issues and the level of misunderstanding and hatred seems to be at an all time high. I can remember when we agreed to disagree and we did it graciously. Now it is like those who disagree with us are from the " dark side ".
The unigue nature of this board IMHO is the sense of " cummunity " as Kuki wrote. The magic is this is cyberspace and we don't know each other and yet are friends and we care. What a wonderful place where people from all over the US and including our other friends on this Global World we all share, can come together and not agonize over our differences but rejoice in our togetherness.
I have been struck but what I perceive is the genuine concern of this community with the lives and health, hardships, and troubles of the members. I do not believe it is fake and I believe when someone says they are offering prayer that they truly are. This is the kind of community I grew up in and sadly do not seem to find very often today.
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