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See Big…I told you if you post this on all the cruise boards, people would admire you…jk

Seriously now…You hit the nail on the head. I’ve always stressed how this community was far and above others because of its “family factor”. I also feel I know most people on CM better than people I have worked with for many years. We share a special bond, and a love that is non-conditional because of Race, Religion, Political or Personal Preferences, Fat or Skinny, Economic level, or Age. Every individual contributes uniqueness and certain qualities to the community. Yet, we are able to retain a certain ambiguity. Why does it work, so well? Is it, that common thread of interest shared by all us, cruising? Is it, being able to have access to a person at arms length 24-7, or being able to turn it off when needed? IMHO a resounding YES to all the above. Being able to control how much or how little, of the CM family, is a major factor. Whereas, face to face, you must offer a facade of sorts. If a person approached you in conversation and you looked at that person without any expression and walked away, You would be considered rude, arrogant, or offensive. We are not able to see reactions, body language, or emotions on this board. We can only take a post at face value (without a face) and then we have a multitude of options as to what we want to do, about that post. You have total control…How enticing…Most people here choose to genuinely care and that shows more than anything.

Thanks Big. I always get a warm fuzzy feeling when a newby realizes the “Family Factor” here at CM. Although That fuzzy feeling inside could be from that peach I had at lunch and it did take you 5 Months too GET it…Gosh he’s a slow one, he is…lol

Really…Thanks for the sentiment, Big!

Sea Ya,
If a grin is transmittable,
and laughing is contagious,
here’s hoping for an epidemic!
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