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Lynne &Trevor
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Hey, wait a minute! I want to add my two cents!
Big John, your "just a thought" is what we folks have wanted to say for a long time. This is one of the friendliest places to be and I do feel like we genuinely care for each other here.
I stumbled across this board and these threads when I got curious enough to leave the Destinations Board, where I also have some new friends, some who will be going on the same upcoming cruise as us. I felt the warmth as I read through the posts here, and then I felt as if I wanted to be a part of the "Good Morning" group. Rollerdonna answered me right away about Montreal and I was hooked. Although I don't know all of your past histories, I feel that if I had a major problem I could come to this board and would be surrounded with a lot of care and support. I care for all of you-even though I don't post individual replies.

Ray did the best thing he could have done for us--he invited us to lunch in Orlando and made us feel included. That was a wonderful present. We met AngelaZ, Jodi, Ray and Helen, Jack and Kim, and Jack and Honey. We had a wonderful time, and ended it with hugs.(I am a hugger!!).

I could go on; the sentiment is sincere.Thanks,Big John, for putting your "just a thought" into words. We really appreciate you!!! Lynne

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