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Default Definition of Insanity

At my church this morning, there was a guest minister (I always stay awake when there is a guest minister (smile)...her message included a definition of insanity...doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result

Even though I was fully awake and enjoyed her message, I must confess my mind "wanders" sometimes during the message and for some unknow reason (and I know God will forgive me because( he/she) sponsored the first cruise on Noah's Ark), I was thinking about reading this board and wondering why "we" take so many cruises as our preferred vacation style sometimes over and over again on the same ship, same line, same ports of call,same time every year etc.,etc.etc.

Does that me that people who love to cruise are sane or insane ?

A footnote, after church I did my routine and purchased the Sunday paper and went to my favorite place for breakfast, opened up the travel section and there was a big insert offering a special rate on a 3 day cruise on the American Queen out of New Orleans..I took this as a sign from God because it's something I can afford to send my very best friend and her mother (both have never cruised before) as a way of saying thank you for their support during my heart attack last year on 9/5/04. This will be a great way to introduce them to cruising before I take them on a 7 day cruise next spring
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