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Default Re: Definition of Insanity

Hi Everyone , 1st I have to say Thanks what a nice bunch of people. I think your all quiet sane most of the time.
Rollerdonna I've loved following your trip as you posted it. We're going on the same ship Aug. 29 .
I showed Jordan (youngest 13) the picture of the alien light but didn't tell him where . A quest -thanks the fun begins.
You all have great ideals . I think you just might save my sanity preparing for this cruise. Thanks for all the hints for diabetic care ,they are real life savers.
Now i'd like to pass on a tip if your like me - too busy to keep it straight .
I bought a plastic accordan file and made labels and files for packing lists ,pre cruise hotel reciept s (got on priceline thanks to you all) Boarding passports ,funpass, ports .Need extra files use card stock & a label. I even made a place for printed directions who to get where we are planning to go while in Miami . I'm going to carry the file in my tote bag . Oh I might need to clairafy its a kids sized file this one has Pooh on it about a inch thick. My husband is sooo happy. I'll be able to find what I need pretty quick. We have to carry extra paperwork ,prescriptions ,dr. notes ect since the youngest is diabetic. I made a door sign thanks to you all and even made up Thank You cards for the people who go out of their way to help or be extra nice. The kids colored them last night .
My husband is looking forward to being away from "OUR ZOO" since we have 3 kids -20,16,13 and lots of animals.
(oldest not coming this trip -house sitting -he might be the smart one after driving 16 plus hours to Miami,daughter with new drivers permit -thats a big MAYBE she can drive a little)
We have joked about putting a sign at the end of the driveway Zoo hours are..... We currently have 4 cocktiels 3 of which are rescue birds the other is 11 years old and our 1st bird . 2 senegals who are also 11 and we've had since hatchlings . A quaker bought after our last cruise 3 years ago (it was our 20th year anv. -named her Annie short for Avn. bird.) then we rescued a quaker shortly after. A tiny parrotlette makes it 9 noisy parrots . Some of his days off I'd swear he love to fix quaker soup -haha but that would end a long mostly happy marriage. We also have 4 dogs the baby is a 7lb. poodle just a year old . Oh and one great rabbit -Dune bought on a trip to the beach. See a pattern -haha I don't see a thing . Husband thinks he will be safe on this trip ( he will wev'e hit max on the animals unless....)
He jokes : They come(animals ) and stay for the rest of their lives so he has to go (trips ) to stay sane . He loves me I have proof everyday . I still have the birds& all the dogs .
Anyway thanks to you all , I've gotten great advice ,and laughted a lot . Reminds me of how close the families got on the Marine Moms boards as my son went through Marine bootcamp last year. He 's the housesitter this time -he tore up his ankle on the crusible and is recovering from surgery to fix it then see if he can go back to the Marines . I really felt for the Mom who's son was in bootcamp ,glad you heard from him .
Well thanks again , I promise next time I'll keep it short just wanted you to know you touch peoples lives in a up beat way . THIS cruise is Our reward for living through Marine bootcamp & all his surgeries & a newly diabetic son. After all that the animals are a piece of cake . What's that Phrase " I know God won't give me more than I can Handle -I wish he trusted me less ". Thats been the last year of our lives. Almost better now - Paradise in 35 days . Thanks to you all.
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