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Default Get Your Red Hot here!!!

I was watching yet another tv show about food..This time it was about Hot dogs, [a fave of mine]showing how the country differs in eating them..So I pose these incrediblly important questions to you...

What do you put on your hot dog?
What would you NEVER even consider puttting on your hot dog?
Where do you get your favorite dog?

Mustard , relish and onions most of the time.
Chili and chesse sometimes, but this becomes a different entree, Not a real hot dog

Howard Johnsons had such great ones, but gone forever Yet others are great too

Franks, in Brockton, Ma. duplicates Ho Jo's..yayayay

I would shoot myself in the foot before I would put ketchup on one!!.No No No

I would be willing to go anywhere for a good hot dog I bet some of you have eaten at the places showcased ..they sure looked good...!

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