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Default Re: Get Your Red Hot here!!!

My best place to buy my fav hot dog is the Westward Ho Casino in Las Vegas..2lb hot dog on a bun for $.99..
Since I am alergic to mustard I will have to have mayo and oinions..sometimes chili but then its a chili dog..maybe a little sweet relish.
What I would never put on my dog is Mustard or saurkraut..
The 2lb hot dog is 18 inches long and one of the best tasting dogs I have ever eat..a meal for two.

Edited to say that it was Slots-o-Fun next to the Westward Ho..thanks Paul B.
And here at home it is Byran's plump dogs..along with other Bryan's meat..I like their truck drivers slogan..You might out run our trucks but you cant beat...........our lunch meat....

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