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Default Re: Robing and Marc?

You are such a great person Sue..I know you are doing all this out of love for your fellow man and I can promise you that you will get it back ten fold because that is what HE promised..You are a true christian and it shows..thank you for helping out your neighbors and friends and may God Bless you for it...I hope we hear from robing and mark

edited..this is what I found on a thread:Author: Set2cruz (
Date: 09-17-03 12:43

Mark and Robin (Set4) reporting in from Wauconda, Illinois. No pets, just pests. Two or three house plants we're trying to kill so we can replace them with silk ones. {{grin}} We are empty nesting and loving it.

Mark here is the there a different Marc and Robin..or were they in Fla when Charley came through?...If someone has other info than this please post it...Thank You.

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